Mattress Factory meets Google Street View!

Last month, I was speaking at the Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh and a real highlight for me was taking a visit to the Mattress Factory. I’ve been a big fan and my first visit included a great lunch with Barbara Luderowski and Jeffrey Insoo to talk all things tech.


Jeffrey mentioned a collaboration that they were just about to release. It’s been hard to keep this a secret and when you see what they’ve cooked up with you’ll see why. Artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsleyn worked with Google Street View to stage a community performance right outside the Mattress Factory’s home of Sampsonia Way. MF has posted a “making of” on YouTube and Jeffrey has more about the project on the MF blog.

I have to stop gushing about the MF now, but I’ll say one last thing: the place is spectacular in real life too, so check out Street View and be sure to go in person if you are in Steel City!