Animal Mummy Research


This past Saturday as part of programming for 1stfans at the Brooklyn Museum, I gave a presentation on the animal mummy research the Conservation Department is doing with the Museum’s Egyptian Curator Ed Bleiberg. The presentation was fun and interactive and gave members a chance to see some animal mummies up close and personal. The event was recorded and the video posted for 1stfans member who could not attend. Joining 1stfans is easy and inexpensive.


The Brooklyn Museum has a collection of approximately 60 animal mummies, many of which have never been completely cataloged. Pictured above is a young crocodile currently on display in the 3rd floor Egyptian Galleries. The purpose of the project is to photograph, and thoroughly examine the animals to get a better idea as to what the museum has in the collection. The examination includes determining how the mummy is made, identify materials including the resins used in mummification, taking x-rays, working with a veterinary radiologist on animal identification, and assessing the overall condition of the object.

Please look for more posts as the research continues.