Google, Meet the Brooklyn Museum Posse

Chances are, if you’ve heard of the Internet, you’ve also heard of Google and chances are pretty good that you’ve set up an e-mail account with them as well. Personally, I’ve got three, and that doesn’t even take into account the e-mail I use with sites that are likely going to send me spam. Another big thing people privy to the Internet will have realized, is how annoying it is to sign up with all the different sites out there. So, since is exactly one of those sites, we thought we’d follow the great lead of our colleagues at and cut everyone some slack by allowing them to use their Google ID to sign up. This not only saves you from having to use your keyboard to type letters into 3 input fields and possibly think up an entirely new password, it also allows you to save precious neurons on something that’s actually important rather than having to remember your password for yet another site.


But wait! Before you start kicking yourself for signing up with us before we released this super-awesome feature, let me tell you this: we have carefully engineered a solution to your problem. If you login with your existing username and password, then navigate to your account page, you will see a link to transition your account to use Google ID.


Also, if for some reason you come to an impasse with Google and would like to start using another emails address and password to log into our site, you can easily transition to using any other account you choose.