1stfans Twitter Art Feed Artist for May 2009: Tracey Moffatt

Did you know that we have 1stfans residing in 17 countries around the world?  Outside of the United States, we have the most 1stfan representation in Australia, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Australian-born Tracey Moffatt is joining us in May for the 1stfans Twitter Art Feed.  Tracey has several works in the Brooklyn Museum collection—you may have seen Tracey’s Lip as part of the exhibition Burning Down the House: Building a Feminist Art Collection or Love, which had been on view during Global Feminisms.

Since video is something that we see people posting frequently to Twitter, we thought it would be cool to get an artist that works with video to take over the feed for a month to post some clips. Tracey agreed, and rather than posting deep, brooding avant garde art films (that people on Twitter probably wouldn’t have time to watch), Tracey has decided to post her favorite YouTube clips with a bit of commentary about each. Some clips will be funny and familiar while others more obscure, but all will say a lot about Tracey, so we hope our 1stfans will have a fun time watching and getting to know her through them.

In keeping with the interactive vein, I’ll re-tweet some of the 1stfans @replies with their own related video clips on the feed (look for the “WC” at the end of the tweet so you know it’s me posting and not Tracey). We’ve seen a preview and this is going to be pretty wacky and fun!

The 1stfans Twitter Art Feed is no longer a benefit of 1stfans membership, but the original feed in its entirety has been archived on the Brooklyn Museum website.