A visit from artist Seher Shah

Seher Shah recently stopped by the Brooklyn Museum to see her large drawing Jihad Pop Progressions 5 – Interior Courtyard 2, 2007 on view in the fourth floor Contemporary galleries.


Seher Shah (Pakistani, b. 1975). Interior Courtyard 2, 2007. Graphite pencil on white, medium weight, wove paper, 80 x 120 in. (203.2 x 304.8 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Purchase gift of Dr. Margaret Hammerschlag and gift of Donald T. Johnson, by exchange, 2008.4. © Seher Shah. Photograph courtesy of Bose Pacia, New York.

Part of her “Jihad Pop” series, the layered imagery merges private imagery, iconic Islamic spaces, and universal geometric forms. Seher’s visit provided a wonderful opportunity to hear her insightful−and impromptu—comments about the piece.