An Adventurous Painting

One of the things that I love about museums that have blogs is how easy it can be is to get a hold of counterparts when you need something.  In the most recent instance of this, we were able to film Valerie Hegarty talking about her work in 21 and her piece, Fallen Bierstadt, takes its inspiration from another work, Bridal Veil Falls owned by the North Carolina Museum of Art. One quick comment on the NCMA blog and we had a high resolution file to incorporate into our little video, yay!

If you read our blog, chances are you will really like the NCMA blog, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the goings on direct from staffers—it’s definitely in my own feed reader and I love the opportunity to get to know the people working there. Chad is no exception—though we’ve never met, I know him well enough through his blogging to not be surprised at all when he, after seeing the above video, sent along a note that said “I’m now imagining our painting out in the wilderness, having adventures.”  Nice : )

[edit!  Valerie is taking questions via our blog.  Leave a comment and she’ll answer when she checks in!]