Monkey at the Brooklyn Museum!


We’ve been so jealous of @museummodernart for so long because they’ve had multiple visits from Monkey and we’ve had none. We watched as Monkey got famous and took in Shakespeare in the Park, the High Line, the AIC—all the time hoping Monkey would one day cross the river to visit us. Then yesterday….there was a tweet and we knew Brooklyn’s time had come!

Having trouble seeing the slideshow? Check out the photoset.  And there’s even a behind the scenes shot here via CJN212.


It’s clear that Monkey had a good time in Caillebotte, so we’ll mention one last reminder that show closes today and if Monkey managed to catch the exhibition before it closed, you should too. Need more convincing? Be sure to read Judith Dolkart’s 5 Reasons to see Caillebotte before 5 July. All we can say is ‘yay’ and this is the kind of thing we always want to hear!

All images courtesy josespiano via Flickr. All Rights Reserved.