Gallery Tag!

As I mentioned yesterday, the creation of a mobile website allows us to grow, so today we are taking advantage of that by introducing a new mobile feature. Gallery Tag! is a pretty simple mobile tagging game, specifically designed for use in the gallery.  Select a tag or create your own, go find works in the galleries that match, enter accession numbers and earn points and prizes.

gallerytag_home.jpg    gallerytag_help.jpg

This is an interactive tagging scavenger hunt that (we hope) motivates people to find and look at the work in the gallery. In addition to the find and look idea, there are a few other internal motivations that we’ve incorporated into the design.

gallerytag_object_2a.jpg    gallerytag_object_2.jpg

Roam! One of our institutional aims is to get visitors looking across collections and that’s always a challenge in this very large building.  To encourage players to cross boundaries in the building, they gain more points if they tag objects on different floors.

Crossover! One of the big issues we’ve seen with BklynMuse is that it’s chock full of information and various paths to take and that can be an overwhelming amount of choice.  The recent simplifications are going to help, but we want to implement different ways to get people into that content.  As players use Gallery Tag!, there are links that crossover into BklynMuse.

Convergence!  All of the tags created go right back into the online collection, bridging the physical and virtual.

We’re going to do a launch meetup at this month’s Target First Saturday and I’ll post more details on that next week!  In the meantime, if you are coming here with your device hit to get started!