A Piñata grows in Brooklyn


This year’s Brooklyn Ball will feature several art history-inspired works of food to make the evening fun and interesting for all who attend. The most visible of these takes the form of a twenty foot tall piñata in the shape of Andy Warhol’s head, which is currently installed in our Rubin Pavilion. The idea for the piñata came from Jennifer Rubell, who is creating these food installations inside the Brooklyn Museum that evening as a project she is calling “Icons.” What, you ask, will the piñata be filled with? That will be kept a secret—one staff co-worker hopefully quipped, “It’s going to be filled with $100 bills for staff, right?”—until the start of “High Style: The After Party,” which begins at 9 p.m. I have been told, however, that its contents will be edible.

In order to make this event more accessible for the Museum’s members, tickets are being offered at a reduced price of $50 for all membership levels including 1stfans. If you’re not a member and would like to attend the After Party, you can join or purchase full price tickets on our website. And if you can’t make it that night, the piñata will be on display for another week and then Shelley will be live-tweeting some of the more interesting discoveries from the Brooklyn Ball that evening on the Museum’s twitter feed.