1stfans Twitter Art Feed Artist for October 2010: Wendi Kavanaugh

One of the great things that we’ve discovered through the Twitter Art Feed is how many of our very own 1stfans have wanted to create projects to share specifically with this community. So following last month’s project by Museum Nerd, we are happy to feature another 1stfan in October: Wendi Kavanaugh. Wendi and I actually had the pleasure of meeting in person in New Orleans this past June at the Art Museum Membership Conference, where I discovered she was not only a Membership manager at the Dallas Art Museum, but also a longtime 1stfan. Though we had the opportunity to pick each others brains about all things membership, I also discovered that Wendi has a concentrated interest in the intersection of Arts and Technology. In fact, after Wendi finishes her day job at the Museum, her nights consist of getting her MFA in game and sound design as well as a PhD in Educational Gaming.

Her proposal for the Twitter Art Feed deviates from her current studies, however, and instead touches on her training and love of photography. In her own words:


In high school, I discovered a passion for photography. I continued this passion while working on my Masters in Arts and Humanities. This is when I realized my hobby and passion was more and meant more to me than something I just did for fun. I decided to take my art into a new direction. As a photographer and artist I’m always looking for new ways to take a photo of something. I want to spark conservations with my images, and I want to explore and share the things that I love. I love food, so why not combine the two. My feed will include discussions of food for 1stfans. Since food is a very broad topic, I will have weekly themes: week one will be about calories, week two about sharing and discovering recipes, week three¬† will include photos while dining out, and our final week will be random food topics inspired by 1stfans. This can include anything from photos of food to Halloween candy, the topics are up to you.

The 1stfans Twitter Art Feed is no longer a benefit of 1stfans membership, but the original feed in its entirety has been archived on the Brooklyn Museum website.