1stfans Twitter Art Feed Artist November 2010: Dennis Bass

We’ve been on a roll the last few months on the Twitter Art Feed by featuring the work of our fellow 1stfans members, and this month will be no exception. In November, the Twitter Art Feed artist will be Brooklyn resident, photographer, and 1stfan member Dennis Bass. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s great to see the number of members who are eager to share their work with each other through this medium; in this way, 1stfans are able to get to know each other which has always been one of the goals and rewards of 1stfans since its inception.It’s evident that Dennis has lot of love for Brooklyn Museum, not only from the photographs on his blog which capture many of his visits to the Museum (and 1stfans meetups!), but also from the fact that he’s visited enough to become our Mayor on Foursquare. So when he proposed his project for the Twitter Art Feed, it was no surprise that it was so closely connected to the objects in the Museum’s permanent collections. To add another layer, Dennis’s project will also be inspired by the participation of visitors to our web site who have helped tag the objects in our online collections.

According to Dennis:

My project will link tags from the museum collection to daily photographs I take for my personal blog. This will allow the museum collection to directly inform and inspire my personal photography.


Brooklyn Museum tagged “Red”

Starting with an item in the museum collection, I will review the tags, and the daily photo I take for my blog will match one of these tags. Next I search for other items in museum collection with this tag, from the search results I will pick a new piece and begin the cycle again. At the end of the project I will resend the images and tags in a chronological collection.


Dennis Bass, Red

The 1stfans Twitter Art Feed is no longer a benefit of 1stfans membership, but the original feed in its entirety has been archived on the Brooklyn Museum website.