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Taharqa Gate

2010 Mut Reports and Dig Diary 2011

The formal report on the 2010 season of work at the Mut Precinct, in English and Arabic, is now available online in the Mut feature…

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Early Installation Drawing

reOrder Takes Shape

As many may know Situ Studio, a Brooklyn based architectural and fabrication firm, has been preparing for their installation reORDER, which will be presented here…

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Masauko Chipembere

Brooklyn’s Finest: Masauko Chipembere

One of the great things about doing an interview for Brooklyn’s Finest is the chance for me chat for awhile with a colleague whose path…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (hammering mount metal)

Conservation Hammering Mount Metal by Know Your Museum

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Fragment from Book of the Dead

IR and UV Examination of Egyptian Papyrus

Following Rachel’s previous discussion on pigments and inks used in our Book of the Dead of the Goldworker of Amun, Sobekmose, I will begin here…

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App Store Confusion Necessitates API Changes

The museum is well represented in the Apple App Store with not one, but two applications. The first was released in May 2009 by Adam…

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