2010 Mut Reports and Dig Diary 2011

The formal report on the 2010 season of work at the Mut Precinct, in English and Arabic, is now available online in the Mut feature on our website. As those of you who followed the 2010 dig diary will remember, it was a very productive season, answering several questions while, inevitably, raising others.  Our work concentrated on the buildings south and west of the Taharqa Gate, some of which are shown here toward the end of the season.

Taharqa Gate

We will be back in the field in mid-January 2011 for a short season devoted mainly to studying material excavated in earlier years, completing documentation needed to publish our work at Mut, and preparing for the imminent opening of the site to the public. We also hope to clear up at least a few of the questions that arose during the 2010 excavations.  Once again we plan to do a weekly dig diary; the first installment should be posted about January 14. Happy new year to all.