35 Animal Mummies meet Twitter and Instagr.am

If you read Lisa’s post on the animal mummy field trip to the Animal Medical Center and got as excited as we did, follow us on Twitter and Instagr.am because we are going to accompany the conservators and curators and cover the process live this Friday, June 17.


We're going to utilize Instagr.am for photo sharing across social networks during live coverage of 35 animal mummies going to the Animal Medical Center for CT scanning.

As many blog readers and followers on our social networks know, we do a lot of live coverage when we’ve got something special going on.  From human mummies visiting the hospital for CT scanning to the re-wrapping of an anonymous man to the installation of a 26′ Blackfeet tipi in our Rotunda—the hope is we can take our visitors behind the scenes during complicated installations and highlight some of the interesting work that our staff do here on a daily basis.

What you may not know is how difficult it can be to cover these events.  During the last run to the hospital for mummy CT scanning we had three point and shoot cameras, a laptop, a video camera and several staffers and interns running back and forth capturing the spectacle.  Once materials were in hand, we were posting to several social networks at the same time, which proved to be a more difficult task than one would expect.

This time around, we are going to simplify a bit and concentrate on two platforms for most of the live coverage: Twitter and Instagr.am.  Luckily, Instagr.am can share images across networks easily, so you’ll see images popping up on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter utilizing our Instagr.am account and we’ll cover almost the entire trip using my iPhone.  Video and better photos will be posted after the fact, but for the live coverage we are going to keep it simple and streamlined.

Many of these field trips have yielded tons of surprises and you just never know where the journey will take us.  We hope you can join us online Friday—come with questions and we’ll work to get you answers!