Breathe In, Breathe Out – you can relax now

A yoga teacher once told me, “you have everything you need and more than you could possibly imagine.” As an over scheduled, stressed out, on-the-go, hyper stimulated, frazzled, crazed, sometimes angst-y urban woman, this seemed like a really funny joke. The Scooby Doo ears in me perked up and my head turned to one side. Reeeally? How is that possible?

Yoga Class

Janet Stone's yoga class at YogaTree, San Francisco. Photo courtesy of

Like so many New Yorkers, the thought that I don’t have to get on the subway and go somewhere to find happiness or enlightenment is a radical idea. I know I’m not the only one who has taken away something from stretching my body and sitting quietly for a few moments. Yoga has provided a wide variety of insights to a diverse audience in urban cities and around the world. Historically, and one of the most interesting facts, is that yoga originated as a mostly male practice. It’s evolved in western culture as a very empowering practice for women (in addition to men). The film, Yogawoman highlights this story.

Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project, Kenyan school children practicing yoga in the fields of Nairobi. Photo courtesy of

Through inspiring personal stories from practitioners and teachers around the work from New York to Kenya, Yogawoman traces the impact of yoga as a source of inspiration and power it has had for us busy women.

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