1861 Artists Will Open Their Studio Doors Sept 8-9

When Sharon and I first started discussing the project that would become GO, one of our sources of inspiration was a map that the Brooklyn Arts Council had created of the artists in its Registry. What the BAC map showed was a stunning amount of artists living in Brooklyn and, for us, it became a reason and a symbol for moving forward with our own project.

GO Brooklyn Art Studio Map

Map showing the 1861 registered artists registered to open their doors for GO.

Today we’re releasing our own map which shows the 1861 registered artists—across 46 of Brooklyn’s 67 neighborhoods—who will open their studios for GO. During the six weeks of artist registration, we’ve watched this map populate and we couldn’t be more excited and elated to share this with you today. Is this every artist in Brooklyn?  Of course not—there are many artists working without studios, decided not to open for GO or in transition of some sort, but for us it presents a powerful visualization showing where much of the art-making is taking place throughout the Borough. We hope you are as inspired by it as we are.

Our web team has been working incredibly hard over these last six weeks to bring you a full-featured website where you can explore all the artists who await you. Voter registration is now open, you can browse artist profiles and save studios to your itinerary. We encourage everyone to dive into the clickable version of this map and discover all the doors that will open to you on September 8-9.