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David Huerta was a Web Developer at the Brooklyn Museum from 2011-2016. Aside from helping maintain and improve the museum's website and mobile apps, he experiments with new technologies to investigate their potential in the museum experience. Currently, he co-organizes Art Hack Day, a part-hackathon, part-happening which brings artists and hackers together for 48 hours to build a pop-up exhibition. Before arriving in New York, he was one of the founding members for HeatSync Labs, an Arizona hackerspace which brings makers, tinkerers, and the occasional futurist together to build things and teach others how to do the same.

Pikachu, I choose you!

Preparing for a Post-Password Future with Pokemon Cards

Every year a gathering of hackers and information security professionals convene in Washington, DC to discuss how awful and broken the state of computer security…

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Sticky Notes

Agile Baby Steps

By and large, most software in the world is made to a spec enshrined into immutability, then interpreted differently by various parts of the teams…

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Teaching next-gen art making for the next generation of artists

Since we first made use of our 3D printer, we’ve grown the number of things we’ve used it for, ranging from creating a participatory experience…

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The nicest error page we hope you never see.

Cloud Watching

A few years ago we moved away from hosting our website infrastructure from its dusty basement to the Cloud. This brought a certain peace of…

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Robert Nardi photographing Senwosret III

How about a nice game of 3D printed chess?

Earlier this year, we started exploring how 3D printing could enhance the visitor experience and began by introducing it on that month’s sensory tour. In…

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Replicating a 19th Century Statue with 21st Century Tech

My first exposure to the world of 3D printing took place in 2009 approximately 500 feet under the Earth’s surface in a former missile silo…

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