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James Yuen

As the lead developer at the Brooklyn Museum, James helps maintain and grow internal applications, cloud infrastructure, and is currently developing the API behind the Bloomberg Connects project. He previously ran a tech startup in Singapore before joining the museum in early 2013 and has backpacked through Asia during his more adventurous years. He's also an avid gamer and budding game developer/pixel artist.

Leveraging Machine Learning for Better Efficiency

Extremely smart people dedicated to the field of machine learning have made tools that are not only better, but far more accessible than they have…

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Performance Optimization, Not Premature Optimization

At the Brooklyn Museum, we like to take inspiration from many things. After recently watching “Mad Max: Fury Road,” we realized to make our servers…

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Aspiring To Code Nirvana Through Tests

1 + 1 = 2? Obvious right? How about (2 + 2 x 4)^2? That’s a little more complicated but not so bad either. Over…

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One API to Rule Them All

In the web development world, RESTish APIs (Application Programming Interface) have slowly become the de facto standard by which different computing systems are used to…

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