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Jennie was part of the team that developed the ASK Brooklyn Museum app. Jennie has experience working on various mobile projects from parenting to music to restaurants to travel. Jennie’s first mobile project was an accessibility app for use on the London Underground. This personal project awarded Jennie with a Top 100 Mums in business achievement in 2012. The app continues to be rated as one of the top parenting apps in the UK.


Challenges using the iPod Touch for a Mobile Testing Environment

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed the results of our initial user testing. In this blog post we’ll talk about the process and challenges of getting…

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Positioning Visitors with iBeacons

When Apple released iOS7 in 2013 one of the new features introduced was iBeacon. This technology would now enable Apple devices to pick up broadcasting…

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Simply ASK

In previous Bloomberg Connects blog posts we’ve described the iterative process of determining how we can engage the visitor, enhancing their museum experience. The ASK app (our…

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