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Jerome (Jerry) Krase is Emeritus and Murray Koppelman Professor at Brooklyn College. My sociology degrees are from Indiana U (MA) and NYU ( Ph.D). My work concerns the possibility of community in urban society and I try to combine activism and scholarship by serving as a consultant to public and private community agencies. Over the decades my interests expanded into visual studies of urban neighborhood communities of all kinds. I am on the Board of the International Visual Sociology Association and have written and photographed widely on urban life and culture. Since "early retirement" I have been even more active lecturing, researching, and exhibiting images in the US and abroad, most recently in Tirana, Albania. Published works include Self and Community in the City, Ethnicity and Machine Politics with Charles LaCerra, Race and Ethnicity in New York City and Ethnic Landscapes in an Urban World with Ray Hutchinson.

Defining Face, Change, and Brooklyn in Click!

As a visual sociologist looking at the images as to how people define “face,” “change,” and “brooklyn,” I was very impressed with the quality and…

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