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The card featured a detail of a work by Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, on view in the exhibition "Nobody Promised You Tomorrow."

Showing Our Pride: A New Themed ASK Tour

“Celebrate Pride Month! Our team of friendly experts guide you on a tour of LGBTQ+ artists and themes throughout the Museum via text message, chatting…

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Inside the Staff Show

On May 4, the Brooklyn Museum’s staff show opened to a group of staff, family and friends. Though the show is not open to the…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (Remembering the Triangle Fire)

Image Courtesy of Sarah Gentile Remembering the Triangle Fire by Know Your Museum March 25, 2011 marks the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Brooklyn…

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Nina Pelaez

Brooklyn’s Finest: Nina Pelaez

As Arty Facts and the Gallery/Studio program celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary this year, I thought it would be a great time to sit down with…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (Installing a Tipi)

Installing a Tipi by Know Your Museum

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Peter Downes

Brooklyn’s Finest: Peter Downes

For my second installment of Brooklyn’s Finest, I wanted to approach someone with whom I work closely with in the Director’s Office. Everyone knows his…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (object cleaning)

Conservation Object Cleaning by Know Your Museum

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Masauko Chipembere

Brooklyn’s Finest: Masauko Chipembere

One of the great things about doing an interview for Brooklyn’s Finest is the chance for me chat for awhile with a colleague whose path…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (hammering mount metal)

Conservation Hammering Mount Metal by Know Your Museum

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Elizabeth Franks

As this is the last edition of Brooklyn’s Finest that I’ll be authoring, I wanted to feature a different kind of Museum staff member here—a…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (plexi cutting in the conservation lab)

Conservation Plexi Cutting by Know Your Museum

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Matthew Yokobosky

When I sat down to talk to Matthew Yokobosky to ask him about his job here as Chief Designer, he told me that the first…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (Fountain)

We’re starting a new feature on the blog called Know Your Museum. Here we will microblog various ways to help you better know the sights,…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Schwannah Wright

It’s that time of year again: the massive stage is going up in the Museum’s back parking lot, which means the West Indian-American Day Parade…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Gilbert Moore

For this month’s edition of Brooklyn’s Finest, I spoke to Gilbert Moore, operator of the Museum’s freight elevator. Gilbert was recommended to me for this…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Keith Duquette

This month’s edition of Brooklyn’s Finest features Keith Duquette, a longtime staff member (23 years!) whose role as Library Preservation Associate ensures the physical well-being…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Nitasha Kawatra

This week is my last at the Brooklyn Museum, and so I thought we’d do a special edition of “Brooklyn’s Finest” this month by way…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Bob Nardi

It’s time for second installment of Brooklyn’s Finest, where you can meet a different member of the Brooklyn Museum staff every month. Today we’ll meet…

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Brooklyn’s Finest: Mary Jane Nee

I recently came across the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s excellent “Meet the MIA” set on Flickr, and I couldn’t help but go through all the…

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