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The end of a short season

Because of potential unrest, no foreign missions were allowed to work in the field on Saturday, January 29, so we weren’t able to get back…

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DD4 paving

Our last full week

This is the posting intended for January 28 but not sent because of the lack of internet service in Egypt at that time. Richard and…

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bottom of mystery object

The Second Week

On January 15 we finished removing the baulk stub over the remains of the southern boundary wall of the Taharqa Gate approach. In this view…

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Qufti for season 2011

Season 25 is underway

We began what will be mainly a study season on January 11 with the traditional cutting of the camel thorn. Fortunately there isn’t much as…

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Taharqa Gate

2010 Mut Reports and Dig Diary 2011

The formal report on the 2010 season of work at the Mut Precinct, in English and Arabic, is now available online in the Mut feature…

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