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We rolled out the drink incentive idea for the October 2016 First Saturday with great success. We advertise on the printed handout for the night (center) as well as a dedicated palm card (right front/back). We then hand out physical coupons (left) that the winner takes any of the bars set up around the Museum.

Free drink anyone?

If you’ve ever visited the Brooklyn Museum on a Target First Saturday, you know what a special experience we try to provide for our visitors….

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Collection Pyramid, 2001

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Judging from the aphorisms “a penny saved is a penny earned” or “a penny for your thoughts,” the copper cent at one time possessed a degree…

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First Saturday Photo Wrap-Up

As I am busily preparing for this month’s Target First Saturday, it’s a perfect time to reflect on last month’s, when we kicked off our…

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Terence Koh Performa 09

Terence Koh’s Untitled, a stack of thirty-three glass cases, is a striking presence in the Contemporary galleries.  Almost every case contains an artifact that’s been…

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Calling all photographers November 7th!

I am really looking forward to November’s Target First Saturday, which takes place on November 7th and highlights our special exhibition Who Shot Rock &…

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Carnival is coming!

West Indian American Day Parade, 2006. Photo courtesy Sam Liu. All rights reserved. I always know that Labor Day weekend is coming when the the…

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Click! Meetup

There’s been overwhelming positive feedback about the idea of a Click! meetup during the upcoming Target First Saturday, so let’s do it! I’ll be giving…

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TXTual Healing @ FSAT

I’m happy to mention that Brooklyn-based artist Paul Notzold will be bringing TXTual Healing to our upcoming Target First Saturday on May 3rd. I’ve long…

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Cosplay Costume Contest Winner!

Photos by Leah Golubchick I am excited to announce Dawn Mostow as the winner of our Cosplay Costume Contest that was held at Target First…

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