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U.S.S.R Technical Books installation

History Continues with the Cold War, Vietnam, and Early Apple Computer Kiosks

This is the final post in a tour through the Museum’s historical exhibition press releases, taking us up to the 1980s. If you’ve enjoyed this…

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Press Releases from World War II and beyond

The previous post on the Museum’s recently completed digitizing of historical exhibition press releases highlighted some excerpts from the 1920s, 30s, and early 40s. There…

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Inventions for Victory

The 20th Century through the Museum’s Press Releases

We’ve just completed digitizing and making available on our website the hundreds of exhibition press releases the Museum has issued since the 1920s.  Though it’s…

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The world through Goodyear’s eyes: photographs from the 1890’s to 1923 from the Brooklyn Museum Archives

Seeing the response to historic photographs that we have posted on Flickr Commons begs a look back on why we have these images and who…

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Fireworks! The Brooklyn Bridge’s 125th anniversary

A recent post on NYC Social alerted us to the Brooklyn Bridge’s upcoming 125th anniversary celebration (May 22nd-26th), featuring fireworks on the 22nd. Fireworks have…

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Up Close and Personal – Statues and Their Meaning

The first time I came across the statues that sit along the top of the building was when I digitized images of the Museum’s exterior…

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