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Packer Institute, Brooklyn

Project CHART at the Brooklyn Museum

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has been an important supporter of several initiatives to make the Brooklyn Museum’s collection much more accessible to…

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Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Today we’re launching the next installment in the Brooklyn Museum Collection on the Web—more than 4,000 images from the Libraries and Archives will join the…

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A final goodby to the darkroom

Last month the last of the darkroom equipment finally left the Museum, nearly 2 years after we shut down the darkroom for good (the darkroom…

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So what’s a DAMS and why do we need one?

It was brought to my attention that even my attempt to explain DAMS (“digital asset management system”) fell on the side of jargon and could…

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Getting the picture(s): DAMS, part 1

First, a little background: Two years ago, I was working in the Museum Archives, where we were busily scanning hundreds, then thousands of images. Once…

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