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A Response to NYT’s “Plains Indian Culture, as Seen Through the Ingenuity of the Tepee”

Recently, the New York Times published a highly critical review of the Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains exhibition. As one of its main points…

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Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indian

Native America: Images from the Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives

The Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains exhibition provides us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase the Museum’s Native American collections and resources. As someone…

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Know Your Museum-Sounds (Installing a Tipi)

Installing a Tipi by Know Your Museum

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Blackfeet Tipi tripod

So How Do You Set Up a Tipi?

That’s exactly the question we were asking ourselves when Nancy Rosoff and Susan Kennedy Zeller organizing Curators for Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains put…

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Crow Fair 2007: Morning Parade and Grand Entry

As we prepare for the Brooklyn Museum’s tipi exhibition, I am in Billings, Montana attending the 2007 Crow Fair with my colleague Susan Kennedy Zeller….

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Tipi Exhibition Planning Meeting

In the popular imagination, the tipi has come to represent a common stereotype about how all Native American people used to live. In truth, however,…

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