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The Dinner Party (Heritage Floor; detail)

Writing Women Back Into History

As I embarked on The Dinner Party Wikipedia project, my first step was to conduct a thorough assessment of the presence of these 1,038 women…

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The Dinner Party

Ending the ongoing cycle of omission

The conversation about sexism on Wikipedia is longstanding. In 2011, The New York Times Room for Debate took up the question of why there are…

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Figure of a Hornblower

“Africanizing” Wikipedia

As I’ve been leading the current Wikipedia initiative at the Brooklyn Museum, I have recently started working with our curator of African Art, Kevin Dumouchelle,…

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WikiAfrica logo

Collaborating with WikiAfrica

In September 2012, a representative from WikiAfrica approached us about working with them to provide Africa-related content to the Wikimedia Foundation’s websites. As the WikiAfrica profile…

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Wikipedia logo

Adding Our Voice to the Wikipedia Chorus

Our online collections have a relatively small number of visitors compared to the whopping 470 million unique visitors to Wikipedia each month. Every day, hundreds…

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Senwosret III

Vetting Wikipedia for WikiLink

In Shelley’s previous post, she announced the installation of QR codes installed in exhibitions that lead visitors to Wikipedia articles for further information. These QR…

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WikiLink (QR Redux)

You may remember my blog post a while back, QR in the New Year?  In it, I talked about our QR code testing and reported…

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BklynFlow on GitHub

The essential experience of Wikipedia is, for me, one of deep focus without effort — of getting lost in thought without feeling like I’m really…

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Wikipedia and the Women of Pop Art

I was thrilled when Shelley and Catherine Morris, Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, approached me about working on this Wikipedia…

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Welcome to WikiPop, 25 Articles in English (on iPads in the Gallery)

Seductive Subversion opens today and the show takes a look at the impact of women artists on the traditionally male-dominated field of Pop art.  The…

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Where in the Wikiverse is the Brooklyn Museum?

Today, we are releasing a new feature in the labs area of the collection online that reports on our recent project to cross-post no known…

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Cross-posting the Collection to Wikimedia Commons and the Internet Archive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  it’s simply not enough to publish assets on our own website—we cannot expect people to come…

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Wikipedia Loves Art: Lessons Learned Part 4: The Stats

My role in Wikipedia Loves Art was solely as a processor of data. I was not involved with the creation or any of the planning…

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Wikipedia Loves Art: Lessons Learned Part 3: Almost done

Erin is going to blog tomorrow about her own take on the process and some additional statistics, but here are just a few of the…

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Wikipedia Loves Art: Lessons Learned Part 2: Competition

This next part of the story will take you through the actual competition which was held during February 2009. I admit…index cards…say it with me…

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Wikipedia Loves Art: Lessons Learned Part 1: Pre-Competition

One of the things we hope to do with the technology posts on the blog is to take a look at our projects and carefully…

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Wikipedia Loves Art … Let’s Meetup!

What would Erin and I do for love? Freeze, apparently (it was really, really cold and windy getting this pic)! We hear the weather is…

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Wikipedia Loves Art, full house!

In addition to our original partners (Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, V&A)…

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Wikipedia Loves Art…continued…and a deadline coming up!

Wow, there was such a great response to my first post about prepping for Wikipedia Loves Art! Since that announcement, we’ve been joined by Art…

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Prepping for Wikipedia Loves Art!

This is just a quick note to any of the peeps at cultural institutions who may read our blog. We are helping organize Wikipedia Loves…

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