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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Dee Shapiro

Great Neck, NY

I was a founding member of Central Hall, the first women’s cooperative gallery on Long Island. My work was brought to the attention of AIR Gallery in New York where I exhibited work that was considered part of the Pattern and Decoration Movement in the 1970’s-80’s and was included in the exhibition at PS1 in Queens, NY. I continued to work with pattern adding texture that resembled beading, referencing women’s work that had been considered craft. My work was informed by geometry and after developing architectural images, I began a series of landscapes and cityscapes on a very small horizontal format. I have recently returned to abstract work, this time focusing on sexually suggestive biomorphic imagery with unreasonably excessive strokes in ink, including pattern. I am interested in imagery that seems decorative and both repels and attracts.

Feminist Artist Statement

I have been concerned with women’s issues most of my life. I have worked to enhance the position of women in society through supporting the work of women artists. As a contributor to Heresies Magazine and a founder of a women’s cooperative gallery as well as developing a body of work that references women’s work and more currently focuses on female sexual imagery, I identify with feminist matters and affairs.



Multicolored image with small circles within the larger form


Multicolored image with small circles within the larger form


Sexually suggestive interpretation of a pomegranate

Avec Plaisir

Multicolored image with sexually suggestive references and intricate patterning


Multicolored patterned image with sexually suggestive reference


Multicolored, sexually suggestive images with patterning

Comfort Zone

Sexually suggestive abstract imagery, multicolored with intricate patterning

Life Can Be That Way

Sexually suggestive, multicolored images with intricate patterning



28 Clover Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021



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