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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Liz Linden


Liz Linden was born in 1980 in Seattle, Washington and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her BA in Literature from Yale University in 2002 and completed the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2009. Her work has been exhibited internationally and in numerous public and private institutions in New York City.

[Linden’s collaborative work with Jen Kennedy is listed on the Feminist Art Base under “Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden.”]

Feminist Artist Statement

I work across all media using appropriation and detournement to point to the existing, contradictory messages transmitted by the form and the content of the objects that make up our consumer environment. My work often refers to literary theory, semiotics, and feminism to investigate the conflict between our “values” and what we actually value, a discrepancy between the sign and the signified. My work is often succinct, using humor or irony to momentarily make simple and concise what are; ultimately, the overwhelming questions raised by commercial culture.

<p>Trading Futures</p>

Trading Futures

Trading Futures

Cartoon (04/09/06, from text by Anthony Tommasini, photo by Stephen Crowley)

This is from an ongoing body of work called “Cartoons,” which I have been making since 2006 by re-captioning images from The New York Times using a sentence or phrase taken directly from the article to which the image corresponds. I do not alter either the image or the text – my intervention highlights an already existing relationship.

Non Sequitur

His and Hers, March 19, 2008

I purchased both garments at the Kmart on Astor place on March 19th, 2008, the pants from the teen girls’ department and the shirt from the teen boys’. Both are Kmart brand products.

COPY (H&M version)

The pictured sign was installed on the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue, and was a textual copy of an H&M billboard mounted on a building opposite. This was part of a multi-site public art work.

Happiness Is An Organized Closet

This sculpture is made from standard elfa components, but configured in such a way that the drawers are all unusable and inaccessible. When one tries to pull one drawer out from the wall, all the others come with it, moving as one long column.

All My Lists…

“All my lists…” (detail here) is a wall-sized photographic mural depicting every list (shopping lists, to do lists, address lists, etc) I have written in the time I have lived in New York. “All my lists…” reproduces the lists on a 1:1 scale, and measures nearly 20’ before the pattern repeats. The work is printed as a wallpaper and installed site-specifically.





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