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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Yolanda of Aragon

b. circa 1383, Barcelona; d. 1443, Saumur, France

The correct spelling of this name is YOLANDE OF ARAGON.

Yolande, the daughter of John I of Aragon and Yolande de Bar (Violante), married Louis II of Anjou in 1400. Their oldest child, Louis III, became duke of Anjou and king of Naples with Yolande’s help, and she served as regent for the first fifteen years of his reign. An unacknowledged genius in the game of power politics, Yolande played a crucial role in the struggles between France and England, before and during the reign of her son-in-law, Charles VII (ruled 1422–61), influencing events such as the financing of Joan of Arc’s army in 1429 and tipping the balance in favor of the French.