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Iskra Dimitrova

Born in Skopje (1965). Graduated Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy (1988) and Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts (1990), University “Sts. Kiril and Metodi,” Skopje.

Carried out a number of solo multimedia projects and installations: Skopje, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006, Madison, USA, 1993, Vrsac, Yugoslavia, 1996, Rochdale, England, 1996, Zagreb, Croatia, 1996, Tokyo, 2003 and Yokohama, Japan 2004.

Unofficial presentation of Macedonia at the 48th Venice Biennial.

Participated on 9. 1/2 New Macedonian Art, Skopje, (1995), the 5th International Biennial, Maribor (Slovenia, 1996), Liquor amnii - Macedonian and American women artists, Skopje (1996) and Providence (USA, 1997), Biennial of Contemporary Art, Selestat (France, 1997), Women Creators between the Two Seas, Thessalonica (Greece, 1997), Radiations, Skopje (1998) and Tokyo (2001), Brown Sugar, Nurnberg (Germany, 1999), Narcissisms, Skopje (1999), After the Wall, Stockholm (1999), Onufri, Tirana (1999), Tik tak tok, Skopje (2000) and Dundee (2002), Intercontinental meeting, Larisa (Greece, 2002), Urban gene, Tokyo (2002) and Vernacular Spirit, Aomori (Japan, 2003).

Lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia.

I explore the general human issues, presented from the intimate perspective. The female sensibility is a recognizable aspect of my artworks and the main reason I consider my art feminist.

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ThalamosThanatometamorphosis Bridal ChamberRemainsFuniculus umbilicalis (Umbilical Cord)WC (Wonderful Creatures)historyofasexuality

Skopje, Macedonia


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