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Intimate Transgressions: The Act of Doing
Participants Anita Glesta, Fion Gunn, Eleanor Heartney, Shirin Neshat, Luisa Valenzuela, Juan Puntes, Raul Zamudio, Marjorie Martay

The Sackler Center presents a discussion of art’s role in raising awareness of war, genocide, rape, and sexual violence, as well as the ways that art is used as a tool for transformation in the face of conflicts and human rights abuse. Panelists include writer and critic Eleanor Heartney, writer Luisa Valenzuela, and artist Shirin Neshat. Introductions by Marjorie Martay. Moderated by curator, Fion Gunn. Artist Anita Glesta, curator Raul Zamudio, and Juan Puntes, Artistic Director at WhiteBox, respond. Organized by CAPA (Center for Asian Pacific Affairs) and WhiteBox, New York, and held in conjunction with the exhibition Intimate Transgressions, curated by Fion Gunn and Juan Puntes, on view at WhiteBox. Introduction by Marjorie Martay. Video courtesy of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation.