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What Will Be Different? A Conversation on Women Who Are Incarcerated in a Changing America
Participants Anjie Waddleton, Brunilda Rivera, Elaine Bartlett, Liza Jessie Peterson, Brian Tate, Megan French-Marcelin, Malika Saada Saar

Among the many communities affected by America's new political reality, women who are incarcerated are at heightened risk. As a law-and-order narrative again sweeps across the nation, what will be different for leaders who remain opposed to mass incarceration? For the families and communities of women who are incarcerated? What will change for the women themselves—and for each of us—in the fight for their civil rights and human dignity?

Moderated by Malika Saada Saar, Senior Counsel on Civil and Human Rights, Google. Panelists include Elaine Bartlett, Brunilda Rivera, Anjie Wadlington, and Russelle Miller-Hill, with a spoken word performance by Liza Jessie Peterson. Presented in partnership with The Tate Group. Video courtesy of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation.

Part of the series "States of Denial: The Illegal Incarceration of Women, Children, and People of Color."