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Guided Gallery Visits for Grades K–2

These early childhood lessons are 60 minutes long and offer students a welcoming environment to develop observation skills and critical thinking. Each lesson description below includes a teaching resource that can be used to practice looking at and talking about art—before or after your visit. Please note: Artwork featured in these teaching resources might not be on view when you visit.

Animals in Art
Hunt for animal imagery in our galleries. Discover a variety of artistic representations and materials and learn about the cultural elements of mythology and symbol. Learning strategies include role-play, storytelling, movement, and drawing. Suggested classroom resource: Mosaic of Lion

Art Stories
Explore the choices artists and authors make when telling a story. This lesson features storytelling and encourages students to ask and answer questions about works of art in order to develop literacy skills. Suggested classroom resource: Al-Buraq

Learning to Look
Discover our diverse collections while building observation skills and descriptive vocabulary. Explore artistic elements such as shape, line, color, and texture through activities, discussions, and drawing. Suggested classroom resource: Fred Tomaselli

People in Art
Discover gesture and facial expression in our varied collections. Use role-play, drawing, and observation to examine how an artist includes details to represent a character’s emotions and actions. Suggested classroom resource: Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera