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2011 Past Exhibitions

Kymia Nawabi, winner of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, season two, installing a work in the episode

Work of Art: Kymia Nawabi

December 22, 2011–February 5, 2012

Robert Mapplethorpe: Self Portrait

HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture

November 18, 2011–February 12, 2012

Lan Tuazon: Copula: Thumb Hospital

Raw/Cooked: Lan Tuazon

November 4, 2011–January 15, 2012

Luigi Lucioni: Paul Cadmus

Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties

October 28, 2011–January 29, 2012

Lee Mingwei: The Moving Garden

Lee Mingwei: “The Moving Garden”

October 5, 2011–January 22, 2012

Sanford Biggers: Blossom

Sanford Biggers: Sweet Funk—An Introspective

September 23, 2011–January 8, 2012

Kristof Wickman: Self-Portrait

Raw/Cooked: Kristof Wickman

September 16–November 27, 2011

Eva Hesse: No Title

Eva Hesse Spectres 1960

September 16, 2011–January 8, 2012

Michael Richards: Untitled

Ten Years Later: Ground Zero Remembered

September 7–October 30, 2011

Matthew Buckingham: Still from The Spirit and the Letter

Matthew Buckingham: “The Spirit and the Letter”

September 3, 2011–January 8, 2012

Guilmet Cie: Five-Piece Clock Garniture

19th-Century Modern

September 2, 2011–April 18, 2012

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: Eva Longoria

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: The Latino List

August 19–December 11, 2011

Three-Headed Figure (Sakimatwemtwe)

African Innovations

August 12, 2011–September 28, 2014

Split Second banner

Split Second Indian Paintings

July 13, 2011–January 1, 2012

Edgar Degas: Woman Drying Her Hair

Four Bathers by Degas and Bonnard

April 20–August 14, 2011

Cadzi Cody (Cotsiogo): Painted Robe

Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains

February 18–May 15, 2011

Lorna Simpson: Gathered

January 28–August 21, 2011