Exhibitions: Ron Mueck: Educator Resources

Ron Mueck is known for his startlingly realistic figures depicting themes of birth, infancy, youth, adolescence, middle age, old age, and death. In addition to his technical mastery, his use of gesture, pose, and scale are very important in his work, as they engage the viewer's emotions and aid the viewer in understanding the psyche of the figures he depicts. This retrospective of his work should appeal to students of all ages, especially those studying the conventions of portraiture or sculpture. This downloadable educational packet was developed by Museum educators and can be used in the classroom to plan thematic curriculum connections, or to prepare for a Museum visit. Find out more about scheduling a visit to this special exhibition.

This educator packet provides detailed information about the sculpture Two Women and about Ron Mueck. Questions for viewing and suggested classroom activities are included to encourage students to closely examine the work and themes.

Two Women: Representing the Figure