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Outer Sarcophagus of the Royal Prince, Count of Thebes, Pa-sebakhai-en-ipet. From Thebes, near Deir el-Bahri, Egypt. Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, circa 1075–945 B.C.E. Wood (cedar and acacia), gesso, pigment, 37 × 30 1/4 × 83 3/8 in. Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 08.480.1a–b. (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)

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Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum: Life and Afterlife

Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum: Life and Afterlife offers insights into ancient Egyptian culture and society through the lenses of their funerary beliefs and burial practices. Divided into four sections—Society, Cultural Traditions, Religious Beliefs, and Burial Practices—the exhibition offers a broad introduction to many unique aspects of one of the most fascinating civilizations of the ancient world. The Brooklyn Museum holds one of the world's most significant Egyptian collections, which originated in the first decades of the twentieth century through the support of nineteenth century collectors. This exhibition contains approximately one hundred objects, dating from prehistory to the Roman Period (between 3850 B.C.E. and 60 C.E), that exemplify the quality and depth of the collection. Egyptian Treasures invites audiences to appreciate the visual richness of ancient Egypt, while expanding their understanding of the customs and beliefs that connected life and afterlife in the minds of ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum: Life and Afterlife is curated by Yekaterina Barbash, Curator, Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art, Brooklyn Museum with curatorial contributions from Edward Bleiberg, Curator Emeritus, Brooklyn Museum.