Nuevo Polanco

Nuevo Polanco
Museo Soumaya Plaza Carso. Behind, Grand Polanco apartment complex
Museo Soumaya Plaza Carso. Behind, Grand Polanco apartment complex
Nuevo Polanco is located in Mexico City Central
Nuevo Polanco
Nuevo Polanco
Location of Nuevo Polanco in Central/Western Mexico City
Coordinates: 19°26′26″N 99°12′17″W / 19.440693°N 99.2047°W / 19.440693; -99.2047Coordinates: 19°26′26″N 99°12′17″W / 19.440693°N 99.2047°W / 19.440693; -99.2047
Country Mexico
Federal entity Mexican Federal District
Borough Miguel Hidalgo
Colonias Granada, Ampliación Granada
Population (2013)[1]
 • Total 76,000
The Museo Júmex's saw-tooth roof allows for indirect natural lighting and alludes to the area's industrial past.

Nuevo Polanco (Spanish, "New Polanco") is an area of Mexico City formerly consisting of warehouses and factories, bordering the upscale Polanco on the north across Avenida Ejercito Nacional.[2] Officially it consists of two colonias, Granada and Ampliación Granada.

Railroad to Cuernavaca crossing Marina Nacional, 1910s.

This area is undergoing an accelerated process of re-conversion and development. With a major transformation taking place, it is one of the fastest and most important real estate development areas in the country. Taking advantage of their now prime location, big pieces of land originally occupied mainly by industries are being used to build large housing, office, commercial and cultural developments with shops, restaurants, cinemas, museums, a 1,500-seat theater, a luxury hotel, etc. Many of them integrate in their name the word 'Polanco' thus seeking to capitalize on its reputation.

In October 2013, the Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing (SEDUVI) put a stop to further development until a master plan for dealing with the infrastructure problems was approved. At that time the population of Nuevo Polanco was 76,000, twice as high as originally foreseen, with 23,469 housing units. [1] Nuevo Polanco had gained attention in the international press as an example of how development can go wrong if there is no proper planning for infrastructure.[3]

The area has now largely been converted into new shopping and mixed-use developments. These include:

The new headquarters of the United States Embassy in Mexico will be located in New Polanco, a large complex to be built on land previously used for a Colgate-Palmolive plant.

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