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Collection: Arts of the Americas



Tetrapod Bowl with Lid Double-Spout, Bridge-Handle Vessel Mantle ("The Paracas Textile") Crucifix Panther Effigy Pipe Yoke Funerary Mask Double Spout and Bridge Bottle Life-Death Figure Tunic (Uncu) Cylindrical Vessel Thunderbird Transformation Mask Oyster Catcher Rattle House Post, from a Set of Four Life Death Figure Kneeling Figure Effigy Pipe Shirt War Chiefs Carved Pipe Stem Kachina Doll (Kokopol) Carved Pipe Totem Pole for the "House which is a Trail" Model of House of Contentment Inlayed Pipe Bowl with Two Faces Ceremonial Hacha in the Form of a Monkeys Head Double-Spout Vessel Kachina Doll (Hilili Kohanna) Shirt for Chiefs War Dress Awl Case Dance Mask (Takü) Baleen Whale Mask Camelid Conopa Raven Rattle Plaque with Crocodile Deity Pectoral Engraved Conch Shell False Head for Burial Bundle or Mummy Mask Mirror Handle Peyote Rattle Water Jar Genealogy and Land Record of Juan Tepetzin (Fragmento de las Mujeres)