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Decorative Painting and Sculpture by National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors

DATES Saturday, April 17, 1926 through Sunday, May 23, 1926
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  • April 6, 1926 The Brooklyn Museum announces that on Friday, April 16th, its Galleries of Special Exhibitions will be re-opened with a large exhibition of decorative paintings and sculpture assembled by the Interstate Jury of the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors. The catalogue lists about one hundred and forty-five contributors, many of them well known in their various fields, several quite new comers. Of nearly two hundred and fifty exhibits listed about a sixth part is sculpture and the others include batiks and screens in addition to many decorative conceptions on canvas. Portraits and figure compositions are contributed by Cecilia Beaux, Gladys Wiles, Virginia Keep Clark, Lucy M. Taggart, Cornelia Whitehurst, Isabel Branson Cartwright, Cecil Clark Davis, Emily Nichols Hatch, Ethel Blanchard Collver and Rosamond Smith Bouve. A group of more essentially decorative contributions include work by Emma Fordyce MacRae, Bertha Mengler Peyton, Jessie Arms Bothe, Mary Gray, Dorothy Pulis Lathrop and M. Elizabeth Price, while among those who have contributed landscape canvases are Fern Coppedge, Theresa Bernstein, Irma Rene Koen, Paulette Van Roekens, Mary Niccolena MacCord and M. Brandish Titcomb. The Women Painters' shows always contain many examples of flower and still life arrangements. Among those who have contributed such canvases in the present instance are Dorothy Ochtman, Maud Mason, Marion Hawthorne, Jane Peterson, Mary Foote and Edith Penman. Listed among the sculpture is Malvina Hoffman's large figure of Ivan Mestrovic whose initial American exhibition was held at the Brooklyn Museum and another important piece is "The Vine" by Harriet Frishmuth. Decorations suggestive of out-of-doors include Brenda Putnam's little sun-dial and "Boy with Fish" by Edith Barretto Parsons. This exhibition will dontinue until May 23rd.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 1926, 040-1.
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