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Paintings in Oil by the Group of American Painters of Paris

DATES Friday, April 22, 1927 through Thursday, September 01, 1927
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  • April 12, 1927 A reception to the Japanese Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Tsuneo Matsudaira and Madam Matsudaira at the Brooklyn Museum will be held on the afternoon of April 22nd at 3:30 P.M. when the Ambassador will make an address in the presence of the members of the Museum and the Japan Society and other invited guests. The reception to the Ambassador will be followed by a ceremonial dance in costume in accordance with old Japanese ritual by the distinguished artist, Mr. Yamada, who is temporarily in America. The Ambassador will be entertained at luncheon by Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Blum. Mr. Blum, one of the Trustees of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, is chairman of the committee in charge of the new building in which is located the new Japanese Hall which the Minister comes to dedicate.

    On the same date the Museum will present an exhibition of the work of the Group of American Painters of Paris. This Group is the outgrowth of the attempt to form an organization which may become an American Salon in Paris and which may present the work of American painters to the French public and Art World periodically and not sporadically, as has been the case heretofore. It has been organized in such a manner as would tend to make it a growing and permanent group and is composed of two classes of members; i.e., active and corresponding. The active membership is made up of American painters living abroad and the corresponding membership of American painters living in America.

    It is planned to hold annual exhibitions in Paris and other cities of Europe and annual exhibitions in America. The first Paris exhibition was held in November 1926 and the forthcoming exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is the first in America. The group presents the work of the following painters: Jules Pascin, Oliver Chaffee, Henry C. Lee, William J. Glackens, Charles H. Thorndike, Eugene Paul Ullman, Clinton O'Callahan, Gale Turnbull, Frederick C. Frieseke, Oscar Gieberich, Harold English, Myron C. Nutting, Alfred Maurer, Kenneth Hayes Miller, Rockwell Kent, Jean Marchand, Roderic O'Conor.

    There will also be shown a small group exhibition Sculpture by a Group of New York Artists. Among the contributors to this group are, Trygve Hammer, Joseph Murman, Robert Laurent, Frank Reale, and Duncan Ferguson.

    These two shows will be presented in the Museum's gallery of special exhibitions and will remain on view until June 1st.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 1927, 041-2.
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