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Drawings by Sculptors Assembled by the College Art Association

DATES November 01, 1931 through November 15, 1931
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  • October 25, 1931 The Brooklyn Museum announces the opening of an exhibition of Drawings by Sculptors, and Drawings from the Collection of Dan Fellows Platt, from the first of November through the fifteenth. This exhibition is arranged and circulated by the College Art Association and is now presented for the first time in New York.

    Among tile examples chosen from the famous Platt Collection of drawings of all periods by masters and ranking as the best collection of the sort in America are drawings by Constantin Guys, Alphonse Legros, Gaudier-Breska, Delacroix, Maillol, Despiau and Bourdelle. In the English School are such men as Blake, Gainsborough, Orpen, Augustus John, Rossetti and Burne-Jones. In the German Group from the Platt Collection are drawings by Lieberman, Kolbe, Hofer, Barlach, and. several of the splendid Old Master drawings including a magnificent Tiepolo.

    Among the 125 Drawings by Sculptors are examples by Hanaks Mahonri Young, Bordelle, Despiau, Duchamps-Villon, Gaston Lachaise, Lembruck, Milton Horn, Eric Gill, Maurice Sterne and Robert Laurent. Accompanying the Drawings by these sculptors will be shown a group of sculpture including work by Kolbe, Lembruck, Duchamps-Villon and Chana Orloff.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 07-12_1931, 124.
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  • November 1, 1931 As announced before, the Brooklyn Museum will present two exhibitions of drawings circulated by the College Art Association from November first through the fifteenth. One of these consists of 250 drawings from the private collection of Can Fellows Platt. This group has been loaned to the Association by Mr. Platt and will be circulated among various museum and colleges after it has had its opening at the Brooklyn Museum. The other exhibition has been arranged by the College Art Association and is composed of Drawings by Sculptors, supplemented by 25 pieces of important sculpture by artists represented in the drawing section.

    Mr. Platt, whose drawings form one of the most memorable collections ever exhibited, has devoted himself to collecting in this medium since the war. Before that time he had confined himself to the collection of Italian primitives of which he has one of the most important collections in the country. The present collection is only a small part of the number he has gathered together, and which has become world famous as one of the ranking collections of drawings.

    In the group to be shown at the museum the Italian, French, English and German schools are represented. The earliest drawings are from the Italian School, and date from the second half of the fifteenth century. From the early sixteenth century we have Piazzo, Bronzino, and Tintoretto, who is represented by some nude studies from the De Nicola Collection Cabiaso is represented by a group of eleven fine drawings.

    The outstanding example from this school are furnished by Cuercino with one example from the Bateson and one from the Earl Bornlow's collection. From the second hald of the seventeenth century there are represenations by Giovanni Battisto Tiepolo, and Domenico Tiepolo.

    Outstanding in the important group of artists representing the the French School are Gavarni, Guys, Delacroiz, Legros, Ronin, Forain, Bourdelle, Maillol and Gaudier-Brezeska, (about whom H.S. Ede wrote "The Savage Messiah")
    In the English School are a number of drawing by Gainsborough Romney, Blake, Rossetti, Millais, Burne-Jones, Orpen, and Augustus John. In the German School are a number of moderns including Hofer, Liberman, Barlach, and Kelbe.

    After the Brooklyn showing the collection will go to the following institutions: Fogg Art Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, Detroit Institute of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, cleveland Museum, Art Institute of Chicago and the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester.

    The the Exhibition of Drawings by Sculptors, 125 Drawings will be shown and 25 pieces of sculpture. The international scope of the collection includes the following countries: Spain, England, Germany Austria and France as well as the United States.

    From Austria comes a group of 12 drawing by Anton Hanak, "The Grand Old Man of Vienna". Nine of these were executed in lead pencil and three of the others which are pen and ink sketches were preliminary drawings for his now famous "Der Letste Mensch"

    These drawing are little more than notes, as are the majority of sculptors' drawings, though here and there the more carefully finished drawings of men such as Mahonri Young and the youthful Frenchman Malfray show the sculptor interested in the drawing as a drawing, rahter than solely as an extension toward his more accustomed medium. The drawings by Kolbe in the present show are ideal examples of sculptors' notes of the more careful sort. It has been said that these drawings are the closest approach that the layman can hope to achieve to the sculptor's brain and vision.

    Among the sculptors represented by drawings in the exhibition are Anton Hanak, Mahonri Young, Dobson, Bourdelle, Degas, Despiau, Duchamps-Villon, George Kolbe, Robert Laurent, Lembruck, Eric Gill, Maurice Sterne, William Zorach, Chana Orloff, Warren Wheelock, Gaudier-Breska, Maillol and Milton Horn, to list by a few of the better known names. In the sculpture collection to accompany the show at the Brooklyn Museum will be examples by Lembruck, Bourdelle, Despiau, Dobson, Lachaise, Lipschitz, Maillol, Naguchi, Wlerick, Hans Wernicke, Calder, De Sirsiori, and other equally well known.

    Notice for Critics: Exhibition will be in fair shape for review Wednesday ____ 28

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 07-12_1931, 125-7.
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