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Woodcut Society: 01st Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Woodcuts

DATES June 06, 1933 through June 30, 1933
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  • June 6, 1933 The First Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Woodcuts assembled by the Woodcut Society will be shown in the Print Gallery of the Brooklyn Museum from June 6th through June 30th. More than 100 prints are in the show, largely black and white, although there is a small group of interesting excursions into the newer form of color printing. All the prints in this exhibition are the product of the past year and few, if any, have been shown in this vicinity before.

    The Woodcut Society is founded to promote interest in this field of work and also to publish the work of its members. Two prints have been thus published so far, one by J. J. Lankes, with a criticism and discussion of the artists nark by Genevieve Taggard, and the other by W. J. Phillips with the criticism by Campbell Dodgson. The Director of the organization is Alfred Fowler a prominent collector of Kansas City where are the head¬quarters of the Society,

    Among the artists represented in the exhibition are, Helen West Heller, H. Glintenkamp, J. J. Lankes, Blanche Lazzell, Allen Lewis, Thomas W. Nason, Birger Sandzon, Richard Zoellner and others.

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    In a neighboring gallery are shown various technics in the production of woodblock printing and wood engravings, together with a number of blocks executed by well-known artists in this field, Here may be seen the block of the famous "Evening Star" by Henry Wolf; said to be his greatest work. Also there are blocks by Timothy Cole, and Rockwell Kent. Explanatory labels disclose the processes of printing.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 04-06_1933, 047.
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