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Etchings of Augustus John and Gerald L. Brockhurst

DATES February 01, 1935 through March 03, 1935
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  • January 22, 1935 The Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, will open with a reception and private view on the evening of February 1:

    1. The Eighth Biennial Exhibition of Water Colors, Pastels and Drawings by American and Foreign Artists.
    2. The Seventeenth Annual Exhibition of the Brooklyn Society of Miniature Painters.
    3. The Brockhurst Collections of the etchings of Augustus John (144 items) and of Gerald L. Brockhurst (76 items).

    Representatives of the press will be admitted to the galleries for pre-¬view of these exhibitions on Wednesday, January 30.
    The Biennial includes work by 222 American artists, of whom approximately 25 are of foreign birth, 28 British artists, 11 French artists, and artists from Japan, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Palestine, Persia, Russia, Spain and Sweden. Among the American artists represented are:

    Peggy Bacon, Gifford Bean, Thomas Benton, Glen Coleman, J. F. Costigan, Charles Demuths Frederick Detwiller, Guy Fene du Boiss George Pearse Ennis, Ernest Piene, Emil Gansos Anne Goldthwaitet Pop Hart, Edward Hopper, Joseph Kantor, Bernard Karfiol, Oliver H. P. La Farge, John Marin, Eliot O'Hara, Winold Reiss, Olive Rush, John Sloan, Joseph Stella, Maurice Sterne, Paul Travis. Among the Foreign artists represented are: Win¬ifred Austen, Muirhead Bone, Gerald L. Brockhurst, David Burliuk, Suzanne Duchamp, Raoul Dufy, Edouard Edy-Legrandt Serge Ferat, Boris Gregoriev, A. K. V. Hassan, Augustus John, Dame Laura Knight, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Wyndham Lewis, Lionel Linday, James McBey, Ivan Mestrovic, Fuji Nakamizo, Paul Nash, Jose Clemente Orozco, Finar Palme, Jules Pascin, Diego Rivera.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 1935, 006.
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