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Child Art of the American Indian

DATES February 19, 1938 through April 03, 1938
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  • February 19, 1938 The Brooklyn Museum is assembling materials for an Exhibition of Indian Child Art which will be shown for the period February 19 through April 3.

    This is the annual child art exhibition arranged by the Education Division of the Brooklyn Museum and will give a survey of the results of instruction in the arts and crafts at the Indian reservation schools both boarding and non-boarding. Materials are being collected through the Honorable John Collier, Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and his staff, Mr. William B. Newell, American Indian archeologist, was instrumental in securing the co-operation of the Indian schools. The exhibition will be interpreted to the public through a series of discussions on such topics as Indian Arts and Crafts, Indian Children, Indian Schools, led by authorities from the Indian office and other Educational Organizations. The entire plan is designed to make possible a closer contact with Indian Child Art and to encourage further study of Indians.

    Of 150 Indian schools invited to participate in the exhibition, thirty have so far accepted. Most of these schools are on Indian reservations but three are in predominantly white communities. The agricultural, forest and desert character of the environment is frequently reflected in the children’s work as is the mixture of American Indian and white civilizations in their social environments.

    The character of the work of these schools is as follows:
    Sequoyah O.T., Tahlequah, Okla,, Painting, Weaving Pottery and Shop Work
    Pierre Indian School, Pierre, S. D., Painting, Weaving, Wood Carving, Beading
    Wahpeton Indian School, Wahpeton, N. D., Painting, Weaving, Sculpturing, Pottery, Wood Carving, Shop Work
    Mescalero Indian School, Mescalero, N. Mexico. Wood Carving, Shop Work, Bead work
    Ft. Apache Day School, White River, Arizona, Painting and Pencil Sketches
    Albuquerque Indian School, Albuquerque, N. M., Painting, Weaving, Basketry, Pottery, Wood Carving, Shop work
    Navajo Service, Leupp, Arizona, Weaving, Shop work
    Santa Fee Indian School, Sonta Fee, N, M., Painting, Weaving, Pottery, Wood Carving, Bead work, Silversmith
    Pipestone Indian School, Pipestone, Minn., Shop work
    Blackfoot Indian Ag., Browning, Montana, Painting, Wood carving, Shop work, Beading
    Wind River Agency, Pt, Washakie, Wy., Painting, Weaving, Basketry, Shop work
    Tohatchi Area School, Tohatchi, N. Mexico, Painting, Weaving, Shoap work
    Lac du Flambeau Day School, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin, Painting, Weaving, Wood carving, Shop work, Beading
    Cherokee Indian Ag., Cherokee, N. Carolina, Weaving, Basketry, Pottery, Wood carving
    Fort Sill Indian School, Lawton, Oklahoma, Wood carving, Shop work, Bead work, Leather work
    Cheyenne River Agency, Cheyenne River, S. D., Basketry, Shop work, Bead work
    Flandreau Indian School, Flandreau, S. Dakota, Weaving, Basketry, Shop work
    Chin Lee Indian School, Chin Lee, Arizona, Painting, Weaving, Wood carving, Shop work
    Tongue River Boarding School, Busby, Montana, Painting, Shop work, Needle craft
    San Carlos Indian School, San Carlos, Arizona, Painting, Weaving, Baskotry, Shop work
    0. C. High School, Pine Ridge, S. Dakota, Painting, Weaving, Pottery
    U. S. Indian Vocational School, Phoenix, Arizona, Painting, Wood carving, Shop work

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 01-02_1938, 017-8.
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  • February 13, 1938 Note: The exhibitions referred to will be available for press preview on the afternoon of Monday, February 14.

    On Friday afternoon, February 18, from 4:00 to 6:00 o’clock the Brooklyn Museum will open with a reception and preview for members and guests two exhibitions, "The Examination and Conservation of Works of Art" arranged by Mr. Sheldon Keck, Restorer, and Mr. John I.H. Baur, Curator of Contemporary Art; and "Child Art of the American Indian" arranged by the Education Division of the Museum. These exhibitions will be open to the public on Saturday, February 19, and will remain on view through March 27.

    Materials for the exhibition of work by Indian children have been assembled through the courtesy of the Honorable John Collier, Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    At the preview on February 18 at 4:00 o’clock there will be a lecture by Mr. Sheldon Keck on "Scientific Examination of Works of Art and the Detection of Fraud." This is one of a series of Friday afternoon lectures being given at the Brooklyn Museum by various authorities on art.

    A series of moving pictures on Indian life and art will be run every Saturday morning throughout the period of the exhibition and will be open free to the public. The first of these, shown on Saturday morning, February 19, will include two films, "Life in an Indian Village and "Chetoga, Chief of the Ojibways."

    The committee of sponsors for this exhibition will act as hosts and hostesses at the opening. It is composed of the following patrons of the arts: Mrs. Paul Cameron Boyd, Brooklyn Girls Scouts; Honorable John Collier, Commissioner Bureau of Indian Affairs; Miss Edith M, Dabb, American Indian Councillor, National Board; Mr. Edwin Deming, Artist and Author; Mr. Don Carlos Ellis, Board of Education; Miss Phyllis Fenner, Librarian, Manhasset School; Mr. Milton J. Ferguson, Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library; Mr. Forest Grant, Director of Art; Mrs. Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg, Chlld Study Association Of America; Mr. George J. Hecht, Parent Magazine; Dr. Alice Koliher, Commission on Human Relations; Mrs. Zara B. Kimmy, Supervisor of Drawing, State Education Department; Miss Edith L. Nichols, Assistant Director of Art; Miss Nolen, Story Parade; Miss Ethel M. Orr, Elementary School Supervisor, Montclair; Miss Jacqueline Overton, Children’s Library, Robert Bacon Memorial; Dr. Beryl Parker, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, N. Y. University; Mr. Vincent A. Roy, Supervisor of Teacher Training, Pratt Institute, Mrs. Jacob Schechtor, United Parents Association of N.Y.C. Inc.; Miss Ethel L. Smith, Assistant Director of Elementary Education, Trenton; Mr. Herbert Joseph Spinden, Curator of Primitive Art, Brooklyn Museum, Mr. Vinal H. Tibbetts, Superintendent of Schools, Manhasset; and Mr. F. R. Wegner, Superintendent of Schools, Roslyn.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 01-02_1938, 027-8.
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  • February 19, 1938 The Brooklyn Museum opened two exhibitions yesterday afternoon, February 18, with a reception and preview for members and guest: an exhibition of the "The Examination and Conservation of Works of Art" and an exhibition of "Child Art of the American Indian." Members of the Board of Trustees, Museum Staff and patrons of the Indian Exhibition were hosts. The list of patrons is enclosed herewith.

    Among those present were:

    Mr. Charles W. Geier
    Mrs. Laurance P. Roberts
    Mrs. Philip N. Youtz
    Mrs. Sheldon Keck
    Mrs. Ralph Root
    Miss Phyllis Fenner
    Miss Etchel Swantees
    Miss Mary B. Carberry
    Miss Florence Levy
    Mrs. Edward C. Blum
    Mrs. Grant H. Code
    Mr. Edward C. Blum
    Mr. adn Mrs. H. L. Hildebrant
    Mr. J. Garnett
    Miss Harriet B. Scott
    Miss Helen S. Russell
    Mrs. mary Bently Selbert
    Mrs. Edith Dobb
    Mrs. Briggs
    Miss Barbasa Bolan
    Mrs. Norby
    Mrs. F. R. Schepmoes
    Miss Marian Warner
    Mr. John A. Brave
    Professor Zucker
    Mrs. Albert M. Kohn
    Mrs. Eugene W. Stern
    Miss Mazie Emerson
    Mrs. H. P. Daniels
    Miss Mathilda Brownell
    Mrs. Edith Bori
    Mrs. William Lamd
    Mr. Robert I. Peters
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Keck
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Ritchie
    Mrs. William Llyod Garrison
    Mrs. Paker

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 01-02_1938, 033.
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