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Children in Early American Prints

DATES November 27, 1941 through January 04, 1942
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  • November 27, 1941 On Thursday, November 27, the Print Department of the Brooklyn Museum will open a holiday exhibition of children in Early American prints, entitled, “A Sentimental Album.” The exhibition will feature approximately forty portraits and groups of children, as seen by the Early American print makers including Currier and Ives and the Kelloggs, who were well known for their sentimental and romantic colored lithographs of children.

    Small groups of Early American children’s books will also be exhibited. The books have been selected for their illustrations, which in many cases arc of finer quality than the single prints. Also included are toy blocks on which prints have been pasted.

    In addition to the material from the Museum’s collection, there will be prints lent by the Museum of the City of New York, The Old Print Shop, Walter Schatzki and Robert Fridenberg, Inc.

    The exhibition will run through January 4, 1942.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 10-12/1941, 251.
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