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Brooklyn Museum Art School: Student Work

DATES March 26, 1942 through April 12, 1942
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  • March 26, 1942 Today, Thursday, March 26, the Brooklyn Museum opens its annual exhibition of the work of the students in the Art and Photography Classes of the Museum Art School. The exhibition, which is installed in the Entrance Gallery, first floor, will be on view through Sunday, April 12.

    Approximately 100 exhibits are included in the show, consisting of sculpture, oils, water colors, drawings and photographs.

    Students in the Art Classes work under the instruction of Robert Brackman, Robert Laurent, John I. Bindrum, John R. Koopman, G. L. Briem and Louis Chap. The Photography Courses are given by Herman de Wetter, A.R.P.S., A.P.S.A., Norris Harkness, Samuel Grierson, Thomas O. Sheckell and Charles H. Coles.

    This is the first exhibition of work by students in these classes since they were moved to the Brooklyn Museum from the Institute at the Academy.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 01-03/1942, 076.
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