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Leningrad Before the Siege: Photographs By Mrs. Rose Willoughby Saul

DATES May 21, 1943 through June 27, 1943
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  • May 21, 1943 To-day (Friday, May 21) the Photography Department of the Brooklyn Museum will put on view an exhibition of photographs of Leningrad, taken just prior to the siege of that city by the Nazi. The exhibition hung in the Photography Gallery, second floor, will be on view through June 27.

    Of all the building shown in the exhibit, only one--the Church of St. Isaacs--escaped destruction by Nazi bombs. Therefore the photographs are now important historical documents. It is understood that the Soviet government intends to make use of the prints for post-war reconstruction of Leningrad.

    The pictures were taken by Mrs. Rose Willoughby Saul, of Washington, D. C. Inspired by the Soviet building at the New York World’s Fair, Mrs. Saul later went to Russia. During her stay there she spent two weeks photographing the historic palaces, churches, parks and state buildings of Leningrad. The siege of that city began just as Mrs. Saul finished her work there.

    NOTE: For Interview with Mrs. Saul, after Monday, May 17, call Ann Silver, Murray Hill 2-8633.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 4-6/1943, 071.
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