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Prints for Christmas Gifts

DATES December 9, 1943 through January 9, 1944
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  • December 8, 1943 A Christmas exhibition of fifty original prints under twenty-five dollars by contemporary American artists opens in the small Print Gallery on the second floor of the Brooklyn Museum on December 9, 1943 and is current through January 9, 1944.

    Many of the prints, including etchings, lithographs, silk screen prints and woodcuts, are in color. The majority of them are for sale at the Museum or obtainable directly from the artist or his dealer. The exhibition amply demonstrates that fine original prints are available for no more than the cost of a colored reproduction. The prints have been selected not only from the standpoint of color, composition and technical excellence, but because they reflect new and refreshing ideas or translate into graphic expression the changing pattern of present-day living.

    The prints in the exhibition have been lent by the Silk Screen Group, Weyhe Gallery, Kennedy Galleries, and, in some instances, by the artist himself. A number of the prints represented in this show are also in the Museum’s collection.

    Albee, Grace; Housing Problem; wood engraving; $18.00
    Arnold, Grant; Railroad Avenue; lithograph; $12.00
    Barrows, Charles; Farm in Winter; silk screen; $5.00
    Berman, Sarah; Still Life; silk screen; $10.00
    Boyd, Fiske; Fifth Avenue Buildings; etching; $10.00
    Bunce, Louis; Yard; silk screen; $8.00
    Cadmus, Paul; Going South; etching; $15.00
    Castellon, Federico; Acomo Pueblo; etching; $15.00
    Castellon, Federico; Utopia; etching; $12.00
    Conrad, Rupert; Wash Day; lithograph; $12.00
    Conrad, Rupert; Martinque Market; lithograph; $12.00
    DeMartelly, J.S.; Economic Discussion; lithograph; $5.00
    Drewes, Werner; At the Beach; etching; $10.00
    Drewes, Werner; The Orange Figure; etching; $15.00
    Gotcliffe, Sid; Central Park; silk screen; $10.00
    Gottlieb, Harry; Spring; silk screen; $5.00
    Graham, F. Wynn; Factory; silk screen; $2.50
    Grosz, George; The End of a Perfect Day; drypoint; $5.00
    Hammer, Amelia; Fruit; silk screen; $10.00
    Hicken, Philip; Broken String; silk screen; $10.00
    Hopf, Ernest; Street Scene, Santa Fe; silk screen; $5.00
    Landeck, Armin; East River Construction; engraving; $24.00
    Landon, Edward; Quandary; silk screen; $5.00
    MacCoy, Guy; First Aid; silk screen; $8.00
    Margo, Boris; Abstraction No. 1; cellocut; $15.00
    Margo, Boris; Abstraction No. 2; cellocut; $15.00
    Margo, Boris; Abstraction No. 3; cellocut; $15.00
    Mark, Henry; The Table with Head; silk screen; $10.00
    Meltzer, Doris; Nebulae; silk screen; $5.00
    Nalbandian, Karnig; Self Portrait; etching; $7.50
    Nalbandian, Karnig; Last Supper; etching & aquatint; $7.50
    Olds, Elizabeth; Merry-go-Round; silk screen; $10.00
    Pettir, Gene; By the Sea; silk screen; $10.00
    Pytlak, Leonard; Morning; silk screen; $12.50
    Rackley, Mildred; Boogie-Woogie; silk screen; $5.00
    Schanker, Louis; Musical Clowns; woodcut; $15.00
    Schanker, Louis; Duet; woodcut; $15.00
    Smith, Lawrance B.; The Gossips; lithograph; $5.00
    Sternberg, Harry; Tulips; silk screen; $10.00
    Steffan, Bernard; Back Road; silk screen; $8.00
    Tam, Rueben; Canon; silk screen; $6.00
    Urban, Albert; Riders; silk screen; $3.50
    Van Blarcom, Mary; House of Prayer; silk screen; $12.00
    Villard, Mariquita; Merry-go-Round; lithograph; $15.00
    Volonis, Anthonry; Half-ton Fish; silk screen; $10.00
    Villard, Mariquita; Jewell in Scorpio; lithograph; $10.00
    Wald, Sylvia; Dawn 'tl Dusksilk screen $7.50
    Warsager, Hyman; Silos; silk screen; $2.50
    Weinberg, Erwin; Illustration for Shakespeare's sonnet "Tired with all these…"; etching; $20.00
    Weinberg, Erwin; Portrait of my Father; etching; $10.00

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 10-12/1943, 139-40.
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