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Recent Accessions to the Print Department

DATES January 14, 1944 through March 5, 1944
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  • January 14, 1944 PRINTS
    Abelman, Ida; Rosie, her mother and brother. Lithograph
    Burke, D; Coal Mining. Lithograph
    Castellon, Federico; Conversation Piece.
    Doolittle, W. (1754-1850); The Prodigal Son, Series of four prints. Etchings.
    Grunewald, G. (act. 1832-50); Boarding School for Young Gentlemen, Nazareth Hall, Pa. Lithograph
    Grunewald, G. (act. 1832-1850); Young Ladies’ Seminary and Church. Lithograph.
    Gottlieb, Harry; Three Lane Traffic. Lithograph
    Kent, Florence; Two Turtles. Woodcut
    Mark, Henry; The Table. Silk Screen
    Ripper, R. C. von; The Soul and Body of John Brown. Portfolio of forty prints. Etchings.
    Schanker, Louis; Study in Green and Black. Woodcut
    Than, V.; Painter at Work, Lithograph
    Whistler, James McNeil; Pierrot. Etching

    Cameron, David Young; Beauvais. Etching
    Copley, John; Opera Glasses. Lithograph
    Haden, Francis Seymour; "The Agamemuon" Etching
    Haden, Francis Seymour; Inside the Cork Convent, Cintra. Etching
    Hayter, Stanley Williams; Combat. Engraving
    Palmer, Samuel; Herdsman’s Cottage. Etching
    Turner, Joseph, M.W.; Pemnbury Mill. Etching

    Roubille, Auguste (1872-); Nicolas II, Notre petit pere le Czar; Cleopold II, Roi des Bolges; Huinberto il Moustachu, Roi d’Italie; La Prince do Galles. Four lithographs from the series. Feuille de Caricatures Politiques. (circa 1904).

    Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig; Bathers by the Sea. Lithograph
    Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig; Portrait of L. Schames. Woodcut
    Kollwitz, Kathe; The Pair. Etching.
    Pechstein, Max Herman; In the Loge. Lithograph.
    Moeller, Rudolf; Self portraits. Drypoints.

    Segonzac, Andre Duneyer de; Model in a Chair. Pen and ink drawing.

    Picasso, Pablo; Nude Standing; profile facing left. Drawing in charcoal.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 01-03/1944, 006.
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